About The Haiku Murder

A gripping East-West fusion Murder Mystery

The Haiku MurderA haiku-writing trip turns to tragedy when a charismatic financier falls from the top of Matsuyama castle. But was he pushed? Expat Londoner Josie Clark thinks he was, and that’s when the trouble starts.

Josie’s life start to spin off the rails as she learns more than she expected about what the people who work for Ando Investments are really up to. Will her romantic Christmas Eve with English boyfriend Dave survive a mad chase around hidden Tokyo? And will she find the victim’s missing bag and its mysteriously valuable contents before more people die? Who’d have thought poetry could be so dangerous!

Praise for the Josie Clark in Japan mystery series:

‘Lush imagery captures Japan’s bustling cities and restful countryside… believably crafted characters, a fast pace, and clean prose.’ Publishers Weekly

Get the ebook at Amazon UK and Amazon USA, or the print version at Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

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