Meet Josie Clark, Tokyo Sleuth

Twenty-something expat south Londoner Josie Clark works at a big insurance company in Tokyo and loves ramen and sushi and hanging out with her Japanese friends. She also stumbles across a surprising number of bodies. And hunts down a lot of murderers.

What’s she like?

She’s tall, with long unruly hair and a hit-and-miss dress sense.

She’s down-to-earth and logical but can’t resist a challenge. She’s a square peg – an independent foreigner in conformist Japan, going her own way in a country that thinks ‘a nail that sticks out gets hammered in’.

She loves her life in Japan but secretly misses her mum back home in Catford.

Any romance in her life?

Yes, but she can’t work out a way to be with her long-term English boyfriend, Dave, without giving up her dream of making it in Tokyo.

Join Josie on her sleuthing adventures

Praise for the Josie Clark in Japan mystery series

Lush imagery captures Japan’s bustling cities and restful countryside… believably crafted characters, a fast pace, and clean prose.Publishers Weekly

Cosy meets International Mystery

If you like cosy mysteries and exotic locations, you’ll find the Josie Clark East-West fusion murder mysteries are right up your street. Amazon reviewers rate it 5 stars for ‘sleuthing that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries’.

A fast paced read…rather like a grown up Nancy Drew. I read the book in one sitting and would recommend it to anyone who wants to indulge in the world of mystery set in the East.’ Amazon Reviewer

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