Get The Tokyo Karaoke Murder for FREE!

The Tokyo Karaoke MurderFrom now until Monday my murder mystery novella, The Tokyo Karaoke Murder, is free on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

It’s not just the song that gets murdered!

An evening of karaoke can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare, but this one turns out really badly for expat Londoner Josie Clark as she’s accused of murder and theft on an innocent night out in Tokyo. She’s got just an hour to work out who the real killer is before the police arrive. Can she do it?

A stand-alone novella, introducing the Josie Clark murder mystery series. Read it in an hour and see if you can solve the mystery before Josie does.

Praise for the Josie Clark in Japan mystery series

“Lush imagery captures Japan’s bustling cities and restful countryside, while an expanding sense of history and gender roles provide rich backdrop to the action… believably crafted characters, a fast pace, and clean prose.” – Publishers Weekly

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