Haiku Countdown Bonus

Hey, what happened to the haiku countdown? Well, I was counting down to the publication of my new Josie Clark in Japan mystery, The Haiku Murder, which came out yesterday, so the countdown’s finished. But so many of you liked it, I’ve decided to give you a bonus day today, and to introduce Haiku Thursdays, which will be just like the haiku countdown but on Thursdays. Simples!

Today’s Haiku is from Matsuo Basho. It’s possibly the best-loved haiku in the world, and it has a role to play in The Haiku Murder.

An old quiet pond
When a frog jumps into it
The splash of water

Hokusai - frog swimming above reeds © British Museum

Hokusai – frog swimming above reeds © British Museum

Reminder – a haiku is a short poem in three lines of five, seven and five syllables. In translating these haiku I’ve tried to preserve that structure.

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