Haiku Countdown Day Five

My new Josie Clark in Japan murder mystery, The Haiku Murder, will be published on 13th October, so I’m doing a haiku countdown. I’m posting ten classic haiku, one a day for ten days, featuring haiku by two of the greatest haiku masters, the seventeenth century poet Matsuo Basho and the nineteen century poet Masaoka Shiki.

Today’s haiku is from Basho.

Myriad islands
Like a thousand shattered shards
In the summer sea

Hiroshige - Sanuki Kobodani no Hama © British Museum

Hiroshige – Sanuki Kobodani no Hama © British Museum

Reminder – a haiku is a short poem in three lines of five, seven and five syllables. In translating these haiku I’ve tried to preserve that structure.

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