Another murder case (or two) for Josie Clark

Josie Clark mysteriesBack in February I published The Cherry Blossom Murder, the first book in the Josie Clark in Japan mystery series. It’s done really well, reaching the quarter finals (meaning it was one of the top hundred in the mystery and thriller category) of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, a competition with 10,000 entries worldwide. Now the next book in the series, The Haiku Murder is coming out – plus a prequel novelette, The Tokyo Karaoke Murder. They’ll both be published on 13th October, but you can pre-order the ebooks now.

East-West fusion murder mysteries

Josie Clark is a Japanese-speaking expat Londoner living in Tokyo, with a job at global insurance company AZT Insurance, a love of Japanese food and a wobbly relationship with her English boyfriend Dave. Plus a tendency to stumble across dead bodies and track down murderers.


The Cherry Blossom MurderThe Cherry Blossom Murder

Shy fan club helper Mai-chan is found strangled outside the Takarazuka theatre, home of the unique and spectacular Takarazuka Revue.

Josie’s quest for justice for Mai-chan takes her backstage to find a priceless treasure, learn the truth about star actress Tammy and discover the identity of the mystery man who was the last to see Mai-chan alive.

Can she stop the backstage killer from striking again?

Get the ebook at a special reduced price on Amazon UK or Amazon USA. Also available in paperback.


The Haiku MurderThe Haiku Murder

Charismatic financier Mr Ando’s death in a fall from the top of Matsuyama castle brings Josie’s haiku-writing tour to an abrupt end.

What she learns about the people who work for Ando Investments leads her on a mad chase around parts of Tokyo she never knew existed in a search for the victim’s missing bag and its mysteriously valuable contents.

Who’d have thought poetry could be so dangerous?

Pre-order The Haiku Murder in ebook now on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. Or get the paperback on 13th October.


The Tokyo Karaoke MurderThe Tokyo Karaoke Murder

Josie’s in Tokyo for a job interview, but her evening at the karaoke goes badly wrong when her new friend is killed and Josie is accused of theft and murder.

Can she prove her innocence in just one hour?

The Tokyo Karaoke Murder is a fifty-five page novelette, a perfect read if you have an hour to kill and fancy matching your detective skills against Josie’s.

Pre-order The Tokyo Karaoke Murder in ebook now on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.


Praise for the Josie Clark in Japan mystery series:

‘Lush imagery captures Japan’s bustling cities and restful countryside… believably crafted characters, a fast pace, and clean prose.’ Publishers Weekly