Rei Shimura and Josie Clark – amateur sleuths in Japan

The Flower MasterSince I write murder mysteries set in present day Japan I’m always interested in other authors working in the same genre (if you can call it a genre – there’s probably too few of us to qualify for that title!).

So I was excited when someone pointed me in the direction of Sujata Massey’s Rei Shimura series. I downloaded The Flower Master and just loved it.

It’s fast and engaging and the cover’s great too.


Sujata Massey

Sujata Massey is an American writer living in Washington DC , though she was born in England and her parents are from India and Germany.

She moved to Tokyo when she got married and set her Rei Shimura mysteries in the area where she used to live.

She also writes the Daughters of Bengal series, set in India.

Her protagonist, Rei Shimura, is half Japanese, half American and works in Tokyo as an antiques dealer when she’s not solving murders. The Flower Master is about a murder at an ikebana school – nice contrast between the supposedly calm world of flower arranging and the search for a killer.

My protagonist, Josie Clark, is an English girl living and working in Tokyo. Just like Rei Shimura, she understand Japanese culture but is not completely part of it, enabling her to ask questions other people can’t ask.

Maybe sometime we should get together and write a Rei Shimura meets Josie Clark mystery. That would be fun! 🙂